About the author

Jon Jost is a filmmaker, writer, painter, photographer and C&W songwriter and singer.  He began making films in 1963, maybe a major mistake.  For a full bio and filmography, see this.

I’ve been doing photography since 1960, and had once a small but nice collection of work done back then, but it was all burned up – negs and prints, in a fire in California in 1970.  Back then, and for a long time after I didn’t do too much photography, as the costs were usually beyond me, and what money I had seemed to go instead into films.  Since digital arrived and largely eliminated the costs, and as well offered much more flexibility in working, I’ve done maybe too much photography.

If you enjoy these books, please let me know.  See the contact page to do so.  For a ton of other images, you can see my blogs, also listed on the contact page.